Main research fields


  1. Macromolecular engineering: Synthesis and characterization of functionalized (co)polymers through controlled polymerization techniques (anionic polymerization and ATRP, RAFT polymerization):


Current Projects:

1. Synthesis of macromonomers based on styrene derivatives.

2. Synthesis and characterization of polyacrylamides hydrophobically modified

3. Water soluble polymers prepared by CRP techniques for antifouling applications.


  1. Development of materials (polyurethanes, epoxy and alkyd resins) from renewable sources: vegetable polyols and glycerol from biodiesel production.


Current Projects:

1. Epoxy resins and polyurethanes based on aminated or phosphonated vegetable polyols for anti-corrosive coatings

2. Vegetable polyol phosphates as corrosion inhibitor for AISI1020

3. Biopolyurethane composites based on industrial waste



  1. Dental adhesives from acrylamide derivatives.

Collaboration Project with the Odontology Faculty at UFRGS (Prof. Fabricio Mezzomo Collares) and at UFPel (Prof. Evandro Piva).